Friday, October 1, 2010

The new Family Dollar

I've always been one to give people the benefit of the doubt. Everyone was complaining about how cheap the new FD in Woodruff looked. It was a big metal eyesore to the home town feel of Woodruff. But, I thought it might be nice having a store like that on main street to get all of those little things that you might need. Also, the new FD was advertising that they were going "green."
So, the boys and I went there today.

The first thing I noticed was about 4 empty spots near the front of the store. I thought, oh that's nice, maybe they have a mother's with children parking spot or at least a pregnant parking spot. Nope. There were two spots for "alternative fuel vehicles" and then two spots for "carpool vehicles." Why do people who just happen to have enough money to buy an "alternative fuel" vehicle need to be closer to a dollar store? Soooooo, me and my two toddlers parked waaaaaaay behind the building and made the trek to the store.
Next, we got in a buggy and made our way to the door. It was not automatic. This makes it really difficult for those in wheelchairs, or with small children. Once we got in, I felt like I was in the Dollar General right down the road. They didn't seem to have anything more than the DG, and might have even had less. I will say that the employees were nice, if not very knowledgeable.

Ugh!!!!! I will not be returning!!