Thursday, September 17, 2009


I couldn't get this to upload onto facebook, so here it is.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blah blah blah, I'm going to bed now.

It's 12:00 and I'm still up. Why do I do this when I know I have to get up at 7:00am; not even mentioning the other times I have to get up during the night?
Oh, well.
BTW, I quit potty training David. We were both getting frustrated. I'll try again in October, I think. John is going overseas for two weeks on Monday. This is my cry for company. I'm looking for people to keep me company and sane while he's gone. I have much respect for "army" wives. I could not do it. This is a boring post. Sorry.

Monday, September 7, 2009


If thrown in water, I will probably not drown. But, I am a horrible swimmer. I never made it very far in swimming lessons because I refused to try and dive. I don't like water much. It always goes up my nose. I never learned to blow bubbles out of my nose.
All of this said... My husband was a life guard in high school. So, he's been taking David swimming at my parents' house. I want you to look at my little 2 year old swimming!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Well, I gave it another try.

I took David and Harrison to try and register David for gymnastics today. But, it turns out that they don't open until 3:00. The internet said 10:00. Oh, well. Maybe I'll go back tonight, maybe not. So, I decided to take David to the library as a consolation prize. It, of course, didn't open until 12. So, I took him to the park. We stayed there until the library opened.

I must stop here and tell you about the last time I went to the Woodruff library... I had just had Harrison. Mom was keeping David, and I took Harrison with me to pick up some books. I knew what I wanted, so I could get in and out of there. When I went to check out my books, it turned out that I had late fees on some DVDs that I checked out. (My fault, not a problem.) I handed her my card. "We don't take cards." Umm, okay.. So, I had to take Harrison out to the car and get my checkbook. (BTW, it was about 99 degrees outside.) Then, her computer wasn't working right. I wrote the check for the amount she told me, then she said .."Wait.. have you already written it?" AHHH! She gave me a receipt that said something like 16.36 paid or something. Then, it gave the run down of what each thing cost. It said something like 15.20 total. So, I asked her why I paid 16.36 when it should only have been 15.20. She didn't know. She went to get someone else to ask her. She proceeded to tell me that I still owed 1.12. I mentioned that that was the difference in the total and what I paid. They told me that I was wrong and was just reading it wrong. I, of course, got mad, but tried to remain calm. (I know it was a stupid 1.12, but it was my stupid 1.12, that I had just paid her. They eventually decided to just "let it go." (They never acknowledged that they were wrong.) At this point I am crying. (I do that when I get mad, and having just had a baby!!!) So, I told her to keep the books, and left.

Now, back to today. I put Harrison and David in the double stroller, thinking that would make it easier. I tried to look up books on the computer while they were still in the stroller, but David became restless, so I brought him over to the kids section. You're supposed to stay with your children over there, so I couldn't look any books up (I wanted to find one on gymnastics to show DAvid) No one offered to help me. Everything was okay, until I realized that David had pooped. Of course!! So, I drug the double stroller over to the bathroom. And.... there are two big heavy doors that you have to pull to get in the bathroom. The distance between the two doors is about the length of a double stroller. It took me forever and lots of banging of the children into the doors to get in. I got David's diaper changed and began the process of getting out of the doors. I had to back all the way into the wall to get out of the bathroom. The big map on the wall behind me proceeds to fall on my head. At this point, I give up. I call out..."Can somebody help me?" I waited. No one came!!! I was finally able to get out of there. I couldn't reach to hang the map back up.

I came around the corner and told the lady that the map had fallen on my head. She looked at me like I had killed her cat. We checked out our books and left.

And thus ended my last trip to the Woodruff library.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mommy Lesson Plans

I forget how much staying at home is like when I taught music in the public school. And, I should know that, because I'm teaching David. Duh! You absolutely get out of it what you put into it. And, the more prepared you are, the better behaved the children are.
Today, so far, we've taken a walk...(well, I walked), then I put Harrison down for a nap. David and I had a snack, we played cars, watched Silly Songs, colored, and now we're listening to Elmo sing and David's ...well, he's tearing up stuff, but he's learning ;-). I bought a kitchen timer, more for me than for David. I put it on 10, 15 minutes. Then, when it goes off, we go do something else. I think it helps alot, because David gets bored, but doesn't realize it. And, do I.
So, I've learned what I've always known. I need to make "lesson plans" for the day. I've been thinking about doing a letter and a theme for the day or week. ....maybe finding books, shows, and foods to go along with it. Send me some encouragement so I'll keep it up. Pictures will come soon, I promise!